PubFactory partners with Hypothesis to extend collaboration tools across the platform

pubfactoryhypothesisWe are thrilled to make Hypothesis annotation technology available across the PubFactory platform. Hypothesis’ mission, “To enable conversation over a world of knowledge”, so simply and precisely conveys the problem that they are tackling head on. We like this – we like this a lot.

Publishers have long sought a way to enable authors, editors, reviewers, and readers to have discussions directly on published versions of record. On the platform side, we understand that collaboration is a critical part of the research and publishing workflows and over the years have invested in features to support our publishers in growing interaction with their users. Hypothesis allows us to quickly increase the collaboration available within PubFactory and beyond to the wider world of published content.

We know our publishers and we know very well that they like having choices, especially when it comes to how they are engaging with their user communities. Integrating Hypothesis with PubFactory provides an easy way to add new information to published content and within publisher-defined parameters of privacy and reach.

One of the most compelling features of Hypothesis is the flexibility that it has in allowing users to connect and interact both on a publisher’s platform as well as more broadly in user curated publications that include other publishers’ content. Each publisher can determine whether they want to restrict collaboration only to their content and establish boundaries containing activity to their PubFactory platform OR eliminate those boundaries and open up collaboration to the growing network of users within the Hypothesis system.

So how does this work at a high-level for a PubFactory publisher? It’s very straightforward – each publisher who activates Hypothesis for PubFactory will be able to present a branded annotation layer on their platform. Flexible configurations enable publishers to decide not only who can create annotations but also who can read and/or reply to them and apply appropriate levels of moderation.

PubFactory’s Vice President of Client Services, José Fossi, said it best when he said “Nothing is more important to us as we decide whether we build, buy, or partner with another service provider than finding the most efficient, most complete approach to supporting our publishers and their users. Integrating with Hypothesis was a no brainer in that it grows engagement between users, publishers, and most importantly content. And this is a truly exciting time to add Hypothesis as a partner as we launch hundreds of new journals and thousands of new books on PubFactory in Winter 2018.”

It’s an exciting period of growth for Hypothesis as well. Open annotation has fast become a central component of the research and publication workflow. And over the past two years, Hypothesis has seen dramatic growth in the number of annotations added to published works across the web.


Open annotations recorded by Hypothesis, Jan 2015 through Oct 2017.

“Having worked with the developers and technologists at PubFactory on multiple projects throughout my career in publishing, I could not be happier to see this partnership move forward,” notes Heather Staines, Director of Partnerships for Hypothesis. “We look forward to bringing annotation layers to more publishers as a result of the collaboration.”

Next month PubFactory and Hypothesis will co-host a webinar to present what’s possible when you enable Hypothesis on your platform.

Register here for the webinar at 10 am ET on Wednesday, 24 Jan 2018 or contact Michelle Norell at

About Sheridan

Sheridan is a leading provider of print, publishing services, and technology solutions to publishers, associations, university presses, and catalogers. A division of CJK Group, Inc., Sheridan has five U.S.‐based production facilities; each location has a market specialty that supports scholarly journals, books, magazines, reprints, or catalogs. Sheridan is also the provider of the scholarly publishing platform, PubFactory.

About Hypothesis

Hypothesis is a US 501(c)3 nonprofit organization dedicated to the development and spread of open, standards-based annotation technologies and practices that enable anyone to annotate anywhere, helping humans reason more effectively together through a shared, collaborative discussion layer over all knowledge. Hypothesis is based in San Francisco, CA with a team distributed all over the world.

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