Features & Functionality Updates

Many new features were added to PubFactory in 2016 – we have highlighted a few of the more significant ones below.  If you would like more information about any, please contact  mnorell@oreilly.com or tbeyer@oreilly.com.


The ability to control the number of concurrent users eligible to take advantage of an offer or subscription at any one time was added earlier this summer.  For accounts with concurrency turned on, there is an interface where account administrators can see who is accessing the site in real-time.  There is also the capability for an account administrator to terminate an individual user’s’ session if they are occupying seats for too long.  

Benefit:  Concurrency allows publishers to create lower cost subscriptions by limiting the number of concurrent users that can access the site and can be a very effective way extending the reach of your content to libraries and markets that may not be able to afford it otherwise.


The token system in PubFactory’s Account Management System (AMS) has been extended to support institutional access tokens.  Publishers can assign a certain number of tokens to an account and then the account administrator can manage handing out tokens to individual users within the account.  This provides an elegant way to support named-user access and account level concurrency limits.

Benefit:  This feature extends the business models that PubFactory can support and provides an elegant way to provide named seat access to institutional and enterprise accounts.


Available for all publishers is an e-commerce module as a standard component of the PubFactory platform. This module uses PayPal to handle credit card authorization and has a simple, but powerful interface for adding support to allow users to purchase access to a variety of content, including from individual articles or chapters or other discrete entities to to full titles or collections.  

Benefit:  Provision of the e-commerce module for our publishers means that they have the option of doing all transactions through PubFactory and can eliminate the additional cost that would be incurred through integration with a third-party e-commerce engine. Use of PubFactory’s e-commerce module also simplifies the financial reporting and tracking process for publishers.


We have added a PDF viewer to all PubFactory content viewing pages.  The PDF Viewer allows PDFs to be viewed from within the PubFactory platform without having to first download them.  

Benefit:  User experience is significantly improved by allowing users to stay on the content page if they wish to do so.


There have been several enhancements of note to PubFactory’s content / product offer capabilities this year.  

Date Restrictions

It is now possible to limit the content from a product that is associated with the offer by beginning and end dates.  

Benefit:  This allows for the creation of offers that provide access to a subset of the content in a product.  The most common use case for application of beginning and end date restrictions is to provide perpetual access to content, for the years in which an account was actively subscribed, after the account has cancelled their subscription.

Enhanced Access Controls

PubFactory has also been updated to allow publishers to restrict access to certain front-end features such as:

  • HTML – Access to view the content as HTML
  • PRINT – Access to the printable view of the content
  • PDF – Access to download the content as a PDF
  • SUPPLEMENTAL – Access to download the supplemental materials

Benefit:  There are a number of benefits of allowing publishers to apply such restrictions, but in particular in the context of educational usage and resources, e.g. provision of additional supporting materials to classroom teachers.


Publishing staff can create custom forms for their websites within PubFactory’s Management Portal.  These forms can be configured to send the resulting information to the appropriate person on the publishing team and there is also support for users to upload documents which can then be retrieved by administrators.

Benefit: This new forms feature is particularly useful if you would like to allow users to have the ability to upload a manuscript using a very basic, simple process through your PubFactory site or enable direct communications between users and your publishing staff.


Reports have been added to PubFactory that provide information about aggregate usage of the platform across all of a publisher’s institutional accounts.  The following sets of reports are available now:

  • User Analysis
  • User Behavior
  • Content – most used / popular

Keep an eye on Metrics as we will continue to add many new reports and enhance the module.  NOTE:  These reports are based on data from Google Analytics augmented with custom data vectors that we apply.

CONTENT LOADING PIPELINES – Keeping up with standards.

We have extended PubFactory’s  content support to include the following formats:

  • JATS 1.0, 1.1
  • BITS 2.0
  • ePub 3

COMING SOON – Near-term Roadmap

Layout Editor

We have created a new module in the Management Portal that will provide all publishers with a widget-based Layout Editor for controlling the page layout for PubFactory pages and content regions.  The Layout Editor will allow publishers to move and configure all of the different regions of content on the page.  

Benefit: This new module opens up many possibilities for PubFactory publishers by providing much greater control over the layout of their pages without having to allocate budget and resources to custom development work.

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