PubFactory Developments – Looking Back on 2015 and Ahead to 2016

 As we move rapidly into 2016, we take a retrospective look at 2015. It was an important year for Safari and our PubFactory platform. Strategically significant milestones for us as a company and the strength of our technology included:

  • Growing the volume of content on PubFactory to more than 30M unique publications, including articles, books, and reference works across the social science and humanities and scientific, technical, and medical subject areas. In particular, the number of journals hosted on PubFactory increased by more than 25%.
  • Delivery of a mobile optimized responsive design on a platform-wide level as a default standard for all new PubFactory implementations. Overall global consumption of content has been growing by 60% year over year and Safari is committed to continuously enhancing the platform to serve the mobile needs of our clients’ customers as an out-of-the-box capability, not a costly customization.
  • Building out PubFactory’s eCommerce engine to integrate with PayPal and making readily available for all publishers. This effort ensures critical consolidation of systems and cost savings for PubFactory publishers. And the new eCommerce capability makes it easier for publishers to support many different purchasing models, including short-term rental.
  • Provision of a platform-wide level integration with sales analytics and data visualization application to provide robust reporting on institutional subscribers that makes renewal and upsell opportunities easily identifiable. This is one of several in a continuing roadmap of enhancements to PubFactory’s reporting and metrics capabilities which were a definitive area of investment in 2015 and continue to be so in 2016.

And looking ahead to 2016, there is much more to come! In addition to enhanced reporting, we are working to enable A/B testing and survey tools through PubFactory to allow publishers to refine and improve the user experience across their various products. A recent Scholarly Kitchen article highlights the tangible benefits of A/B testing for publishers in differentiating their products and heightening user engagement. Safari uses industry-leading A/B testing tools and a data-driven approach to product improvements and growing our subscription customer base which increased by over 600% in the last 12 months.

Another area of focus for us in 2016 will be to provide the tools for publishers to build a variety of content curation systems within the framework of the PubFactory platform, which will include allowing users to upload content; extending our current personalization capabilities to support public list building, including user generated content; development of publisher-created and user-created tutorials; and enrichment of content with learning paths that dynamically guide users through content.

The consistent and healthy growth of Safari as a whole continues to propel our publishers, our technology, and our services forward in 2016. Off we go!

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